Purchase a GmbH, AG, or GmbH & Co. KG Quickly and Easily

To participate in business more effectively, and with limited liability, you need a GmbH, AG, or GmbH & Co KG.

Expediency to Act as a Corporation

If you wish immediate possession in order to transact post haste, we can, upon request, arrange to register your corporation at our address here in Germany.

Contact person: Lawyer Sascha Wengert

Our Service Profile

Appointment of a new Managing Director
Appointment of a new Board of Directors
Appointment of a new Supervisory Board
Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation or Standard Constitution, regarding company name and registration office

Your Corporation Purchase Plan

1. Inquiry

Contact us, and together we can discuss which company form would be the right one for you.

2. Transfer of Shares

All Shares, or bearer Shares shall be transferred to you against payment of the purchase price. This transfer for a GmbH, requires a notarial contract. A share transfer for an AG company is not necessary.

3. Necessary Information

We need all data on the future Managing Director(s) of a GmbH. In the case of a GmbH & Co KG, we will want all data on the limited partners. All data required on the Management and Supervisory Boards for a AG company.

4. Amendments to Articles of Incorporation or Standard Constitution

Should you wish to alter the Name, and nature of the existing corporation, let us know the name you require, and the nature of the new corporate business.

5. Permits

All permits will be obtained by us, from the responsible Chambers of Industry & Commerce, and the accountable Registry Court.

Contact Us at Any Time, No Obligation