Purchase a GmbH, AG, or GmbH & CO.KG Quickly and Easily

To participate in business more effectively, and with limited liability, you need a GmbH, AG, or GmbH & Co KG.

So that you quickly have a corporation capable of acting.

You save time and money!
The formation of a new corporation takes at least 6 months. If you purchase an existing corporation, the process can be completed in less than a week.

You save liability risk, and money!
The liability of a new corporation’s obligations are limited to its capital. One is not liable with one’s personal assets. Establishing a new corporation risks personal liability during its formation period.

You save time and hassle!
Our service makes redundant, phone calls, writing of letters, instigating action with lawyers for required documents, or notary. The often, business-inhibiting addition to the corporate name, “i. Gr” – in Gründung (literally: in formation, required by law) would not be required.

You bear no risk!
If so desired, you may request an auditor’s certificate which states that the corporation has never been active, confirming – the corporation is free of liability.

Contact person: Lawyer Sascha Wengert

Two Methods of Acquiring a Corporation

To Buy

You can save the fuss of incorporation, and have your company incorporated and registered at our address in Germany, or in Switzerland.

Appointment of a new Managing Director
Appointment of a new Board of Directors
Appointment of a new Supervisory Board
Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, or Standard Constitution regarding corporate name, and registration office


Our lawyers, auditors, and tax advisors will handle the incorporation, so that registration can ensue swiftly.

Conclusion in a few weeks
Finalised in a legal, secure manner
We possess registered Trade Names
Incorporation, and contract documents in compliance with Legal Business Regulations

Our Corporate Portfolio


Purchase price:

EUR 28.500
incl. EUR 25.000 Share Capital


Purchase price:

EUR 57.000
incl. EUR 50.000 Share Capital

Legal Establishment
Bank account(s) Presence
Fully paid Share Capital
Immediate Availability
Registration in Commercial Register
Incorporation, and Purchase Documents

Our Registered Trade Names to Facilitate a New Corporation

1. Allfinanz
2. LBW
3. LRP
4. Oneworld Travel
5. W & W
7. Oasis
8. Recht für alle AG
9. Broadway
11. it:life Science AG
12. it:finance AG
13. Open Ipo
14. AF-Triple Win

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