The formation of your GmbH, AG, or GmbH & Co KG. Is completely in our hands.

Our highly qualified team of lawyers, auditors, and tax advisors, will handle the entire process of incorporation for you.

We offer you comprehensive advice for the entire incorporation process.

The formation and registration of a corporation takes considerable time. Except for the taking over of the bank account, and attending the notary appointment, we will attend to everything else for you. A settlement is possible within two days!

Contact person: Lawyer Sascha Wengert


Formation Costs:

EUR 2.500

GmbH & Co. KG

Formation Costs:

EUR 3.500


Formation Costs:

EUR 3.500

Corporate Formation Process

1. Inquiry

Once the decision about the legal form of your company is reached, contact us, without obligation.

2. Establishing Contact

We will put you in touch with our network of experts, and partners, who will handle the incorporation process for you.

3. Secure Processing

Our lawyers, auditors, and tax consultants will competently transact everything within a few weeks.

4. Notary Appointment

Other than the bank, and notary appointments upon finalisation, your involvement in the formation process will not be required.

Contact Us at Any Time, No Obligation